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The decision matrix

Last week’s newsletter took off for vacation. Facebook Oversight Board’s decision reminded me of the time when Lebron James used  his “decision" to do more for the public good, raise millions for charity and was demonized for it. Every platform is a form of power. What do you do when you realize, like many at Basecamp, that the platform on which you’ve built power does not wish to see you exercise yours?

Do you stay the course or take your power back?

Eid Mubarak
With India, Gaza and the rising COVID rates in Africa, it is a very sad painful week to be marking Eid al-Fitr. Eid is a time for community and connection. If you want to do something, reach out and connect with someone in your community today.

That is what I am off to do now...

Reading & Links
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What are you reading?
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